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CAPS is a product which has been developed solely by Worldindia.

As a part of its R&D initiative, Worldindia has teamed up with leading functional Subject Matter Experts (SME) with an experience in implementing end to end credit card solutions. These consultants help in researching & developing the today's business needs in Credit Card Processing System.

Hardware & Software Requirements
Product Name: CAPS (Cards Application Processing System)
Platform: C# as Front End and Microsoft SQl 2005 as Backend.
Minimum Server Requirement
Windows 2003 Server (OS)

Microsoft SQL 2005 Standard or above (Database Server)

Recommended Configuration
Client WorkStation PC with Intel Pentium 4 processor
Windows XP/Windows Professional/Windows Vista
CAPS - Product Highlights
Tailored for Credit Card

The Base product is tailor made for Credit Card Application processing. However, due to the intensive level of support for parameterization, the system can be customized for other Application Processing for e.g. Debit Cards.

Parameter driven Decision Support System
Global Parameters (Single Screen parameter configuration approach)
Label Definition (User Friendly Alternate Screen Display Label configuration with Multilingual Support)

Profile Definition (Easy to configure and link at Group level profile definition (Fields) to cater to specific product needs for e.g. Visa Platinum Application for a Bank 'A' may need certain additional fields compared to Visa Gold Application)

Multistage Data entry and Verification (Maker - Checker)

CAPS architecture is designed to support Multistage Maker-Checker Model to ensure correctness of Data. In built intelligence and Security subsystem restricts the same User from accessing the Application at next level.

VIP Green Channel Processing

CAPSis capable of processing VIP applications through GREEN CHANNEL i.e. It can be configured to bypass certain stages for e.g. Bank ‘A’ may have a requirement to bypass Application scoring for VIP Applications

AutoSave feature

CAPS has the ability to monitor Network connectivity and is capable of saving the Data in a Transient File in event of Network outage

Mouse-less operation

Mouse less navigation through data entry screens can significantly reduce the burden of typing data into the computer. By using only keyboard functions, the typist is relieved of the effort and strain of constantly reaching for the mouse. The CAPS system has been designed to take advantage of the speed of mouseless entry while retaining the intuitive user interface of GUI design

Application scoring

CAPS has a powerful, user configurable scoring mechanism

Risk Analysis

External Risk (CAPS can send information of the applications to external partner for purposes such as credit checking and fraudulent analysis)

Internal Risk (Application De-dupe check)
Application scoring
24 x 7 dedicated support
Mail Box

CAPS uses the mailbox concept viz. Inbox and Outbox for application queue tracking

Message Relay

CAPS can generate Bank specific XML outputs for interfacing with other systems

User Access Management (User and group level privilege
Group Definition (Group Level definition can be used to setup entitlements at a group level for accessing functions. Profiles can be linked at the group level)
User Definition(User inherits the group level entitlements. Leave flag Maintenance enables the systems to perform alternate routing)

Team Definition (The users can be logically grouped in to teams)

Support of Application entry in batches

CAPS is designed to support application entry in batches

Audit trails / Maintenance Logs
For details Contact us on +91-22-40811111 or Email us at caps@worldindia.com
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