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Beginner's Domain Guide Creating your site F. A. Q

PLEASE NOTE : These FAQS are sepcific to 's servers only, the procedures may be different for other companies.

  • 1. What is a domain name?

    A domain name is used to identify the location of a website on the Internet. Here are some domain names you might be already familiar with: - worldindia Communications - Microsoft - University of California Los Angeles

  • 2. What is an IP address?

    Every computer on the Internet has a numeric address called IP-Address that is used to identify the location of the computer. An example of an IP address is This kind of addressing system is cumbersome and hard to remember for humans. Having a domain name will eliminate the need to remember an IP address.

  • 3. What are the components of a domain name?

    A domain name consists of two or more words separated by a period. The last word (the far right) is called a "top-level domain". Here are some common top-level domains and their use:

    Used for commercial entities. It is the most popular top-level domain. Anyone can register a .com domain.

    Originally used for networking organizations such as Internet Service Providers and backbone providers. Today, anyone can register a .net domain.

    Designed for miscellaneous organizations, including non-profit groups. Today, anyone can register a .org domain.

    Four-year, accredited colleges and universities.

    Country Codes
    Other top-level domains include those for countries (.CA for Canada, .UK for the United Kingdom, .HK for Hong Kong, etc.), which are based on the International

    Country Codes
    Other top-level domains include those for countries (.CA for Canada, .UK for the United Kingdom, .HK for Hong Kong, etc.), which are based on the International Standards Organization's 3166 standard for country abbreviations.

    To the left of the top-level domain is what is called the "second-level domain." In, "worldindia" represents a second-level domain within the top-level domain of .com.

    It is also possible to have a domain name in the form of In this case the "something" is called a "host" name or a "sub-domain". It is not necessary to register a host or sub-domain with a registry before being able to use it.

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  • 4. How long can a domain name be and what are the restrictions?

    A domain can have a maximum of 26 characters including the extensions (.com, Net, etc). A domain name can contain numbers, letters or a dashes. A domain can not start or end with a dash.

  • 5. What is a DNS?

    DNS stands for "Domain Name Server". It translates domain names into IP addresses that computers understand. For example, if someone wants to access worldindia's website (, the DNS will translate the domain into the IP address, which will allow the computer to locate worldindia's web server.

  • 6. What is a registry?

    Organizations similar to InterNIC are called Registries. They register domain names into central computers which are accessed by individual DNS servers. InterNIC is responsible for the domains .com, Net, .org, .edu and .gov. Other common registries include Nominet for .uk, and CaNet for .ca. Some registries like InterNIC charge an annual fee (which doesn't benefit EasyHost). InterNIC currently charges INR 500 for 1 year.

  • 7. What is a URL?

    It stands for Universal Resource Locator. Some people refer to it as a web address (although URL is not limited to the web). An example of a URL is Please note that a URL is a unique identifier. No two websites can have the same URL. This is the reason why you should register your domain name before someone else does.

  • 8. What if the name I want to use is already taken?

    You can choose an alternative domain name, or if you feel that you a right to that domain name you could follow InterNIC's domain dispute policy and try to regain your domain name. Please see

  • 9. How long does it take to register a domain name?

    If the information provided is correct, it should take less than 24 hrs. Please check the whois database at to see whether your domain name is registered or not.

  • 10. Once a domain is registered, who "owns" the domain name?

    The domain name is owned by the organization that is on the whois database. We register a domain names in such a way to make it easy for customers to move domain names to their favourite web hosting or ISP company in the future.

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