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Outsource your IT Needs and Free up Internal Resources

Worldindia.com offers any customer terrific outsourcing services. We are an organisation of repute in the world of IT services for 18 years. We offer the very best IT outsourcing services, as a result of this, we have more than 26,000 customers. Worldindia.com is located Goregaon, Mumbai and has operations in Navi Mumbai and Pune as well. We are rated as one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Mumbai. Some reasons for this as we have made it necessary to offer any customer the following.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Team of Engineers

Every firm has for engineers with supreme knowledge in their specialised fields which may confuse even their employees. We have in large numbers these engineers who operate according to any firms needs. These are offered on a contractual basis.

Another of our offerings is a ensuring some firms can make use our employees on a short term basis. This is something we have in our list of services because we realise the need that is simpler for many companies to organise a team on a contractual basis rather than see an increase in their employees.

For any non-IT firm it is a difficult task to keep young engineers in their employ as they look to move on fast and look to build a career in an IT firm. As part of outsourcing services we also provide recruitment, therefore individuals who will be employed on a contractual basis.

/ Why You Should choose Worldindia.com
  • The engineers on our team are brilliant and equipped to deal with any need or situation. In addition, we also have offer the cheapest rates for any company.
  • Recruitment is a big challenge in India. The Indian software industry faces a stiff task when it comes to recruitment. Our recruitment sees leave no stone unturned.
  • A lot of candidates lack proper training and as a result suffer. The candidates we recommend come with the training we provide which is nothing short of excellent. Our candidates are skilled in various IT aspects as we provide developers, designers, data entry professionals, etc.
  • A lot of companies come back to us because we also offer our best personnel if they are facing a crisis. Sometimes this service is provided without a charge. Our technical depth heavily nuanced and can act as the brains of any company -- another reason to choose us.
  • We are also in the good books of employees as we never cut back on benefits or salaries which a lot of companies do at times.
/ Key Benefits of Worldindia’s IT Outsourcing Services
  • As part of a resource hiring process amongst out outsourcing strategy we have a lot to offer.
  • In accordance with your requirement we send peruse every CV and send the three best 3 CVs to any firm.
  • To further boost the recruitment process we conduct interviews of our own and also ensure candidates go through a technical test if the need arises.
  • If selected our recommended candidates can immediately join the IT staff of any company.


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