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Our specialists can convert a host of image file formats to Joomla template which are XHTML validated, cross browser compatible, fast loading and responsive in nature.

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Joomla is one of the top 5 CMS which is also used to build compelling and intriguing static and interactive websites such as ecommerce, newspaper and service based portals. It is user friendly, responsive, feature rich and offers endless customisation options. We provide conversion options for most of the Joomla versions. Incidentally, the latest one is 3.8.5.


We maintain Joomla naming conventions all through the conversion. This includes Div ID's, classes, and various web standards and identification nomenclature. What does this all mean for the customer? Easy to edit and understand coding. Our coded files can be easily modified as they are well commented and use W3C validation standards.


While converting PSD or any other image file format to Joomla template we do not use tables at all. Tables are redundant and exploited only to data display. It is not W3C standard. We use Divs instead. At World India our Joomla specialists make sure that the content and design elements are completely independent of each other. We build world class CCS files for Joomla templates.


We provide SQL dump file to recreate or build a sample website. Dump files can be exploited using several tools. One of them is PHPMyAdmin. Once the Joomla files have been restored and the dump file executed the actual site starts displaying the content as conceived during the development stage, typically while slicing and layering various PSD elements.


XHTML is HTML defined as an XML application. In simple terms it is not forgiving like normal HTML. In its stricter form it may not pass the W3C validation test which is bad from SEO point of view. Our PSD to Joomla templates are XHTML standard, and therefore do not get penalised by search engines. It also means all our conversions are cross browser compatible.


Joomla is a bouquet of PHP files, database integration and a collection of interactive modules / plug-ins. Installation of Joomla although hassle free, can give birth to several issues as the website gradually turns complex. This is where professional help is required. World India provides cheap conversion and installation options; at a low price point.


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Portfolio PSD to Joomla
Portfolio PSD to Joomla Conversion Services

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How we provide quality PSD to Joomla Conversion services!

Our top notch coders can slice and code image files into Joomla templates which boast a pixel perfect layout, valid XHTML and 100% W3C valid. This simply translates into web presence which is responsive and coded in a semantic manner.

Our conversion specialists use DIV’s and therefore all our designs are table-less, and usable for a wide versions of Joomla. We provide Joomla in a bouquet of PHP files, SQL dump and a collection of interactive modules / plug-ins which is easy to install and manage.

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