/ Worldindia.com Linux Dedicated Servers India

We offer our Linux based servers as per your choice, at our data centre's in the US as well as in India

/ Standard Features
Hardware Specifications IBM® xSeries® Server, Powerful Intel CPU's, 512MB / 1GB/ 2GB DDR SDRAM ECC, IDE / SCI Hard drives, Single/Dual Ethernet
Data Transfer Monthly Data Transfer as per your requirement
System Management Server Interface Enterprise Edition, SSL Support for Secure - Administration, Two Level System Status, Web-based DNS Administration, Web-based Virtual Site Administration, Web-based E-mail Administration, Online Real-time Docs Help, Web-based CPU/Memory Administration, Branded to your Company, Web-based Web Server Statistics, Web-based POP Creation, Web-based IP Additions, Web-based Bandwidth Controls, Reboot Support, 24X7 personalized support*
System Software OpenSSL version 0.9.7a-2, XNTP3
Web Software Apache 2.0.40, Miva® EmpresaT 3.97, Microsoft® Frontpage® 2002 Support ModSSL 2.0.40-21.4, ModPHP version 4.2.2-17, ModPerl version 1.99_07-5, MRTG 2.9.17-13
DNS BIND 9.2.1-16
Email IMAP 2001a-1.8, Procmail, PHP- Ready, Qpopper
FTP ProFTPD version 1.2.8-1, FTP Server with Virtual FTP support (proFTPd 1.2.8-1)
Remote Connection OpenSSH version 3.5p1-6
Databases MySQL version 3.23.54a-11, PostgreSQL version 7.3.2-3
Development Quota Support, PHP version 4.2.2-17, Perl 5.8.0-88, xinetd-2.3.10-6
Administration GZip version 1.3.3-9, Pico, gunzip utilities, tcsh, Top (Proccess Watcher), Traceroute
Contract length The contract length of the Dedicated Server is for a minimum of 12 Months. Payment should be quarterly in advance. Dedicated Servers are setup in 48 to 72 hours after receiving the payment.
Upgrading Facility Upgrading facility is available.


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