Vision and Mission

To be India’s largest provider of web solutions.

India's Most Promising IT & Web Solutions Company

We are growth-oriented, risk-inclined, decentralized in decision-making, biased towards action, performance-driven, inspirational and strive to identify things which, when made better, add value to people's lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be India’s largest provider of web solutions with a global footprint and a reputation for always exceeding customer expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver best-in-class service and support, enriching customer experience and thus becoming the most successful Information Technology services provider in the world in terms of market share, quality, revenue, growth and margins.


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/ Core Values

Integrity We are sincere and fair in our approach to business. We function with transparency and maintain a high level of ethics in managing our customer relationships. For us, confidentiality of our clients' information is sacrosanct.
Commitment Since our inception, we have continued to abide by our commitment to provide timely, reliable and friendly complete customer service and support.
Responsibility We take responsibility for our performance - in each decision we make and every action we undertake. After all, when our clients repose their faith in us, we owe it to them.
Teamwork This summarises our core values. We not only deploy teams comprising managers, IT professionals and customer service personnel, we work together as one Team Worldindia. The reason is simple: customers do not deal with marketing, sales, HR or IT departments. They deal with Worldindia. To succeed in a tough business environment, we need to work as Team Worldindia.

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