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light weight coding for CSS

Our world class PSD to Magento conversion service boasts several innovative and compelling features. Light weight coding is one of them. We build mean content and CSS files. How? We follow semantic coding practices which makes sure all our files are optimised. Optimisation of coding makes sure the pages load fast and offer users a gratifying browsing experience.

Search engine optimized coding

Lean and semantic mark-up are some of the essential features of any good website, especially ecommerce spaces. Our PSD to Magento experts accomplish the conversion and subsequent template using search engine optimised coding. For an ecommerce website it means higher page rank, improved browsing experience, faster page load and easy to edit files.

quality CMS system

Whether we are converting the image for CMS or ecommerce website our Magento champions provide impeccable theme files which are W3C valid and also boast intriguing features such as ready to use sidebars, wider plug-in acceptability, quick installation and custom post and field tags. We build crisp Magento websites using latest conversion techniques.

Manual coding for online templates

Hand coding is our preferred choice. Once the PSD file is sliced and layered our coders manually embed various elements using pure hand coding technique. This requires immense skill and mark-up control. Our experienced coders build flawless online templates using this laborious method. Manual coding also offers a greater control on the resultant pages, an extremely important feature when it comes to designing a website.

Universal cross browser compatibility

Our PSD converted Magento pages are responsive in nature: adhere to strict W3C validation: built with Div's and special classes. All this translates into web spaces that are cross browser compatible. In simple terms we built web pages which are not restricted to any browser or browser version. We offer best user experience in terms of browser compatibility.

Valid and strictly coded CSS and HTML

One of the features that we provide and which makes us stand apart in this crowded conversion market is our valid and strict HTML & CSS code. Unlike others, we offer mark-up which is relentless in its purity. At World India we follow a very popular adage - code is poetry.

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At World India designing is our passion, and coding is like poetry to us. Whether we are converting the image for content management system, a static website or an ecommerce space our Magento champions provide impeccable theme files which are W3C valid, responsive and SEO ready.

While converting the image file we make sure all the crucial elements such as sidebars, plug-in acceptability, and custom post and field tags form an integral part the installation. We build crisp Magento websites using latest conversion techniques.